The vast land of Mexico, consisting of a number of microclimates, facing both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, is a wonderful source of unique and diverse range of ingredients that the Mexican cuisine takes honestly into its flavors.

The indigenous ways of cooking met the European methods and ingredients resulting in a unique fusion that is now recognized as one of the world’s finest cuisines. Yet, for most local people, food is simply a part of everyday life that keeps close ties to traditional culture. That is how we would like our guests to enjoy La Cocina Gabriela Mexicana.

Our specialty, Carne Asada, is a typical example of such Mexican cuisine’s nature. The simple style of cooking meat over a wood fire appears almost primitive. However, the outcome combines all the best effects of modern cooking methods such as grilling, smoking and roasting.

Other Mexican classics like Guacamole and Enchiladas are all prepared in the manner practiced and enjoyed back in Mexico using the best ingredients mostly imported from Mexico. We will also continue to add to the menu, dishes such as Mole, Carnitas and Tamales that are not so easy to find in Tokyo and will grab the heart of Mexican food enthusiasts.

On top of Mexican beers and your favorite tequila based cocktail, the rich, fruity flavors of Mexican wines are an eye-opening discovery and quite obviously a superb match to Mexican food.

As you climb up the stairs, you will find yourself in Mexico. By serving the real taste of Mexico onto your table we also hope to deliver a genuinely good time. When you are climbing down the stairs, we wish you are feeling the way Mexicans say after a good meal, Panza llena, Corazón Contento, a full belly, a happy heart.






階段を登るとそこはまさにメキシコ。本当のメキシコの味と共に、本当に楽しい時間を皆様のテーブルまでお届けします。階段を降りる時には、メキシコ人が食事の後に言うように、” Panza llena, Corazón contento” (お腹はいっぱい、心は幸せ)、そう感じていただけるようにと願っております。